When enjoying a well framed print, painting or photograph, it is easy to overlook the skill involved in crafting a window mount, so here is a look behind the scenes.

The window mount (usually a white border within the frame) both protects the art work from sticking to the glass and helps give the frame character.  There is something very pleasing about working with a fresh scalpel, a new roll of framer’s tape and our beloved “Keen Cut Laser” window mount cutter, though there are definitely no lasers involved!  We use this vintage machine to cut the bevelled edge on the inside of the window mount.  The framer’s tape keeps the window mount and print together and the scalpel is for fine details or trimming the outside edges.

Each and every picture in the Buro Art collection is carefully chosen, professionally mounted and framed before it is displayed on location with our valued rental clients.

More Tools of The Trade posts to follow soon.