Cats in spring flowers

Cats, flowers and fluorescent colours were central to artist Walasse Ting’s practice and, let’s be honest, are among the Buro Art team’s most favourite of things.

Born in Wuxi, China in 1929, Ting’s esteemed works are now held in collection by: Tate Modern – London; the Centre Pompidou – Paris; MOMA – New York and the Hong Kong Museum, to name a few.

Ting moved from China to France in 1952 where he be-friended the artists central to the CoBrA movement living in Paris.  Their shared interest in the animal world and spontaneity remains apparent in his later works.  Toward the end of the 1950’s, Ting moved again, this time to New York.  His style shifted as he immersed himself in the vibrant art scene and the energetic, black outline appeared in Ting’s paintings for the first time.  Descriptive and deceptively simple it was created using traditional Chinese calligraphy brushes.  This nod to the artist’s heritage, combined with vivid, eye-popping acrylic paint, define Ting’s distinctive Pop-Figurative style.

Ting died in New York in 2010 aged 80, a largely self-trained artist who went on to receive international acclaim, the coveted Guggenheim Fellowship Award and who leaves a joy-filled artistic legacy.

We at Buro Art find the fresh, engaging quality of Ting’s work and his biography, make excellent talking pieces and we recommend them for client-facing work environments, where a creative welcome, visual impact and conversation are key.

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