Lady in Pink by Anne Valverde, 70 x 70 cm, £105

Our new online shop is open and we will be sharing some highlights with you over the coming weeks, today we will have a look at two pop art inspired artists.

Paris is famed for its creativity and architecture, and this print “Lady in Pink” makes clever use of contrasting matte and gloss surfaces to capture the city’s energy.  Artist Anne Valverde (born 1968) lives and works in Paris and strives to offer new views on city spaces, aiming to spark the viewer’s imagination. With travel so restricted just now, Valverde’s sumptuous artwork can offer a little escape.  Andy Warhol’s pop art influence is felt here in the contrast of monochrome with vibrant colors, in the Eiffel Tower as a popular icon, all depicted in photographic reality, but not as we know it.  Valverde travels the world as a contemporary artist and photographer and records urban spaces in black and white, painting in the colour in her studio.

Fuchsia by Ole Ziger, 48 x 48 cm, £55

Keeping with the dark, dramatic theme, we are also pleased to present the hyper real painting  ‘Fuchsia’ by Ole Ziger (born 1940).  Ziger is a Danish born post war artist, who moved to New York in 1972 where he became enraptured with Pop Art and Americana.  Ziger’s contemporary, pop art style combines his interest in realism, with his background in advertising.  With the production values of advertising lying at the heart of Pop Art, it is little wonder Ziger was drawn to it.  His paintings have a realism reminiscent of billboard perfection, at points almost cartoonish, with ever-present humor whether his subject is flowers, motorbikes, muscle cars or even cartoon characters.

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