If you are local to Edinburgh’s Trinity and Stockbridge areas, look out for these seasonal editions of the Spotlight Magazine.  Not only do they make for excellent coffee break entertainment, but they are jam packed with local business tips – including Buro Art.

Our collection of art is varied and has a focus upon European works by living artists, however mixed within that, we have sourced a range of works by iconic artists including Matisse and Van Gogh and we particularly enjoy looking at these artist’s preparatory sketches.

It’s easy to take the sun rise and sun set that bookends each day for granted, and like wise the light of the evening moon.  With a Penumbral Eclipse due at the end of this month, we take a look at some new artistic additions to our online shop, which celebrate lunar and solar light.

Buro Art is delighted to announce our NEW online shop will open on Friday September 25th!