It’s easy to take the sun rise and sun set that bookends each day for granted, and like wise the light of the evening moon.  With a Penumbral Eclipse due at the end of this month, we take a look at some new artistic additions to our online shop, which celebrate lunar and solar light.

Landscape and figurative Painter, Sue Biazotti was born and raised in Stirlingshire.  She studied at Edinburgh College of Art, and after living in London for around 10 years, she and her family returned to Scotland, settling in Glasgow where she live and paints.  In 2005, Biazotti’s portrait of her daughter swimming under water won her the Aspect Painting Prize.  Biazotti’s signature style is found in her artistic fascination with natural light, shade and reflections – with a delicate touch and emphasis on a somehow simultaneously dramatic and hazy tonal range.  Biazotti’s ‘Evening Journey’ is a captivating piece, which joyfully captures the fleeting moments of the evening sun.

Painterly, textured abstract, divided loosely into 5 rectangles - 3 blue , 1 red and one sunset tones, bleeding into horizon line. Majority in blues and blacks.

Bea Danckaert lives and paints from Blanden, Belgium and as such, her work sits within Buro Art’s unique, extensive collection of European Art works.  Danckaert’s interest in painting was initially sparked through a love of fauvist colours, figurative painting and Modern Architecture, closely followed by a passion for the abstract and a decisive move away from representation.  Danckaert’s passion for colour remains a constant in her work, as does her study of tone – these twin factors forming the backbone of her practice.  Wider inspiration comes from her innermost feelings – a combination of her personal spirituality and lived experiences.  

Painterly, textured abstract, divided loosely into 4, offset left (I purple and maroon), with section overpainted in blacks, muted blues and sage green. Majority in hot yellows, reds and warm purples.

It is little surprise then, that Danckaert should turn her attention to abstract interpretations of night and day, as seen above.  These vibrant prints are taken from her original paintings, and sit beautifully as a diptych, or indeed with Biazotti’s work above.  The abstract rectangles and grids in Danckaert’s works here are reminiscent of architectural forms, perhaps buildings in plan from above.  The circular motif in ‘Abstract Day’ brigs to mind the sun, while the silvery blue tones overpowering the vibrant reds and yellows of ‘Abstract Night’ are colourful reminder that night follows day.  

If you are in Edinburgh and are interested in catching a look at the Penumbral Eclipse, you’ll have to head up high with a clear view to the northwest on the morning of November 30th – for around 8am.  The moon is expected to be hidden by the earths shadow for around 41 mins.

If you like the prints as featured, you can find more information and purchase them in our online shop.