Spring is here and this year it arrives with a sense of seasonal renewal, hope and The Buro Art SPRING SALE!  We’ve selected three vibrant, cheerful sale prints, to celebrate the clocks springing forward, see more in our online shop.

April Flowers by Carol Auer - colourful washes in pink, creamy yellow, bright red and greens of a glas with daisy, tulips, loose roses and wild flowers - Buro Art Spring SALE - £80.00 £72.00

April Flowers by Carol Auer is a firm favourite with The Buro Art team, the vibrant range of loosely painted, pastel tones sum up the fresh, positivity of the season, all year round.  This print is quite a rare, vintage find (published in 1971) and is signed in plate by the artist.  We look forward to it finding a happy home, currently with 10% off in our Buro Art Spring Sale, it was £80.00,  now £72.00 , with free UK postage.

There seems to be little information available about Auer (1917-2011), though we believe she was born in Havana, Cuba and grew up in Bronxville,  New York where she went on to attend the Parsons School of Design.  Her creative career focused upon designing and decorating and a small folio of her striking artworks were published as prints by The New York Graphic Society.

Equally vibrant in tone, but with a more restricted pallette, we have Melodious Birch III by Karen Mason which was £45.00 and is now £40.50, also with free UK postage.

This cool, striking print on quality poster paper, is taken from the original painting by Mason (b 1960) who is known for her Botanical works.  Mason combines bold lines and soft shapes to create enchanting and atmospheric paintings, often featuring the Birch trees visible from her California studio. Silver Birtch trees are a favourite amongst gardeners who wish to renew and purify their land for the coming year, they are also a subject favoured by many artists, perhaps because of their beauty all year round.  Here Mason captures the Spring Birch, their silver trunks glowing under a small, fresh crop of green leaves.

Le Chemin du Litto by Richard Moisan shares in a restricted palette of vibrant blues, yellows and greens, painted through the haze of a high midday sun, you can feel the heat of the day and the cool shade offered by the aptly named umbrella pine trees.

This cheerful, good quality, poster print is taken from the original oil painting by Moisan (b 1946) who enjoys using a palette knife and thick smears of paint to capture his seasonal landscapes.  Based in France, Moisan’s art work can’t help but stir up memories of past holiday’s abroad and hint to the hope of future travels.  This optimistic print is mounted on card and ready to frame and is included in our Spring Sale was £70.00  now £63.00.

Did you know we have a wide range of frames to choose from?  Our frame sale will launch soon, Contact us now for more information on this, or any of our sale items or step into our SPRING SALE!