Inspiring animals and their young are often the subject of art works – horses and their foal, hens and their chicks and sheep with their lamb.

Inspiring animals - horses and their foal

“Wild Horses” depicts just such a gentle scene of a horse and foal, as captured by Eva Momatiuk (1940) and John Eastott, a husband and wife team who have shared their photo credits since the 1970’s. Momatiuk was born in Poland, Eastott in New Zealand and the pair have devoted their lives together to nature photography, publishing multiple photographic essay’s for National Geographic, Smithsonian, BBC Wildlife, Stern and The Observer – to name a few.  They have a string of accolades and awards, and support the ideals of “Slow Photography” – the central idea being that a photography is worth spending time, studying and considering, both as the photographer (in terms of their process, output and community impact) and as art appreciator.  A concept which we whole heartedly agree with, what do you think?

Inspiring animals - sheep with their lamb.

We often comment on how lucky we are to be within the Scottish landscape – there is plenty of opportunity to observe wildlife in their natural habitats and we are even luckier to be able to share a range of art works celebrating animals in the landscape.  Here we see Daniel Campbell’s (b 1951) vibrant painting “Croft, West Coast” on a warm summer’s day, with sheep grazing in the open field.  Campbell studied at Glasgow School of Art and is known for his colourful, vibrant  landscape, floral and figurative paintings.  We particularly enjoy their positive energy!

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