Art Benefits

Improve spaces

There are tremendous benefits to corporate art rental, notably it boosts overall productivity, reduces stress and enhances morale in the workplace.

Take a look at your work place with fresh eyes; do you feel there’s room for improvement? Perhaps it’s a little drab with too many bare walls?

We put art in our homes, so why don’t we continue this into the workplace? We spend more waking hours in the office than the home, and a pleasant environment to work in, is so much better!

Art is Cool

More than ever before, there’s a focus on creating fun and energising business and corporate environments to entice the best and brightest employees.

Not all offices have the budget or space to provide ping pong tables, participate in team bonding events or even international retreats for their hardworking personnel.

On the other hand, all offices have walls and dressing these well can create an enjoyable and inspirational environment to work in.

Well-chosen, professionally framed pictures will complement existing furnishings, maximise the available space and transform the area; the finishing touch to every room.

With a small outlay, corporate art rental can make any office come alive.  After all, we all enjoy working in nice surroundings.

First Impressions & Communicating Company Values

A well-placed piece of art can greatly affect a customer’s initial view of your place of business. What impression do you want to portray to support your values, vision, and goals on behalf of your employees and clients?

For example, whilst waiting in a reception area, would you prefer to see a room with art, representing a positive and optimistic environment or less inspiring bare walls, drained of atmosphere? Corporate branding is important, but complementary art can be subconsciously comforting to clients and customers, providing a welcome distraction and talking point.

Inspire Creativity

According to an article from Virtual Strategy Magazine, innovative art installations can inspire and motivate work-related creative thinking.
Managers widely agree this speaks to our perceptions of value. Art in the workplace demonstrates that a company respects creativity, which encourages an imaginative and productive workforce.

Expert Knowledge

Trying to get an interior to work well can be time consuming. There are many items to take into consideration; the colour palette, furniture, window dressings etc, and the co-ordination of accessories can be difficult. A wrong decision may be costly but using a scheduled art rental service provides flexibility; when you want to change the picture on your wall, you can. Expert knowledge and experience can give your office the desired theme and cohesion.