Art Services

What we do

Buro Art provides a curated service for both picture rental and sales, and all our projects start with a free site visit, consultation and quotation.

Whichever option you choose, we will help you to decide the best location to create the desired ambience; either to calm and soothe, or to excite and inspire.

Art Rental Service

  • Free installation of artwork using traditional pins and picture hooks
  • On going design support
  • Professional, friendly maintenance service
  • A refreshing new art collection every six months or as scheduled
  • Access to our expanding portfolio of over 3,000 artworks for your office walls
  • A fixed, monthly cost with no hidden charges
  • Minimum of 12 month rental contract, shorter term art hires available
  • Tiered discounts for rental collections, starting at 10 pieces

For as little as £4.00 + VAT per picture, per week, rental of pictures is more affordable than purchasing.

Art Purchase Service

However, if you would prefer to buy artwork for your office, we can help you through every stage from selection, to framing and final placement, with our bespoke art service.

Should you also require other art installations for your office such as printed wall panels, printed acrylic panels, outsized photographic installations, printed wallpaper graphics and sculptures, we have an associated team of experts.

Considering Artwork Placement 

A good starting point in your building would be the foyer/reception area. This is an ideal placement point for a prominent, welcoming picture. The artwork would set a precedent for all who enter the building, colleagues and clients alike, and the type of image your business or service would like to convey should be considered.

It is also beneficial to place pieces of art in meeting areas and office boardrooms where colleagues and clients can discuss ideas. An interesting piece of art can break the ice and stimulate conversation. Other places that will benefit are lounge areas, well-travelled hallways/corridors and lunch rooms.